The First Step We Could Do To Change Our Lives Is To Own It , With All Its Glory And Mess - Nishtha Gehija


Your intention determines the beauty of the produce that will emerge. Your purpose accelerates or depreciates the quality of life you live.


Your life is designed to stun, to shock, to dazzle and to improvise everyone who comes in contact with it.


The life purpose for each one of us is to feel our emotions, go to their roots, and then alter our experiences if they were unpleasant or recreate and intensify them if they brought about a sense of possibilities and opportunities.


In the long (and short) run, ethics matter. What you give out into the world comes back to you in a river.

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Praise for This is What You Are Looking For

A perfect piece of writing to lift ourselves up, to boost our enthusiasm and to shine out like never before.. Unless you find yourself, work upon yourself and shake yourself, you cannot rock the world! And of course, you are the World!

Chinar (Company Secretary and member of BOD of several companies)

You, your desires, and your ambition are always on  top. All my good wishes for you, keep doing good work for this world..

Because we all need you...

Pankaj (Civil Engineer)

Small chapters that you can blend in your life to make it better. This book is definitely you are looking for.

Pranjal (IT Professional)

She knows her values and loves to live a free life where no boudations exist even in thinking. She knows how to balance between values and modernization.

Barkha (Entrepreneur and Teacher)

She has ignited the idea of inspiring People in a different way by segregating her thoughts into four sections i.e Awareness, Action, Reflection and Being and Living

Lata (Student and CS Intern)